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About Shadez 3 The Moon Miners Game

Description: Moon base Alpha 12 has come under attack; the Aliens have landed. Power has been interrupted, drilling has ceased and the atmosphere is reversing. Many lives are at stake. Your mission, if application is successful, is to regain control of Alpha 12 sector and remove all Alien installations. Due to the mission being on the moon, we can supply you with new equipment and special structures. Warning: Aliens have some kind of long reach attack strike system. Shadez 3 The Moon Miners is a Online Games.

Instructions: Mouse: Select/Navigate menus.
WASD/Arrow keys: Move camera.
Shift + 0-9: Create group selection.
0-9: Select group.
Escape: Cancel selection.
P: Pause.
F: Increase speed.
T: Track selected units..

Shadez 3 The Moon Miners is a Online Games

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