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Category: Shooting Games

PLAY Palisade Guardian 3

Played: 11,130

About Palisade Guardian 3 Game

Description: Defend New York, Philadelphia, Washington, and other cities against waves of aliens in the third installment of Palisade Guardian! Start off with a pistol and unlock new guns by completing levels. You will also receive gold and up to three stars for completing each level. Spend your stars on weapon upgrades and use your gold to purchase power-ups that will help you take down the aliens.. Palisade Guardian 3 is a Shooting Games.

Instructions: 1. Click to shoot.
2. Spacebar to aim down your gun sight.
3. Power-Ups: Buy Power-Ups before you start a round, and then click the Power-Up icon in the top left of your screen. Select a target for your Power-Up if prompted..

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